We specialize in Commercial and Residential Construction Projects in the GTA and offer the Most Professional, Reliable and Comprehensive Service backed by outstanding reputation and project satisfaction.


                          "Let us create a Home You Love"

Services Offered

-  Swing Stage Works (CSA approved)

-  Complete Additions & Renovations

-   Windows & Doors Installations

-   Finishing Basements

-  Plumbing & Electrical

-  Interior Decorations

-  And Much More




Window/Door Replacement

Typically window and door replacement is contemplated when the existing windows and doors are not performing well, i.e. air leakage around old windows causes a drafty interior environment and also contributes to energy loss.

When shopping for windows keep in mind that although the initial capital outlay will not be recouped when the home is sold, energy savings and time savings (if maintenance free materials are chosen) will partially offset the expenditure.

Be sure your supplier is a reputable firm that can provide a list of satisfied clients.  We work with various suppliers and will be happy to assist you in this regard.

Select a design that is complementary
to the architecture of your home and that the enhancements will continue to conform to the neighbourhood. 

Cost between $250 to $1,500 per window/door. 

Timeframe 1- 2 weeks depending on size and complexity of the project.

Basement Renovation

A basement renovation involves the complete replacement of the existing finish or if there is none then a complete design and finish of the basement area. Usually on such projects all floor coverings are placed, walls and ceilings are finished, elcectrical and plumbing installations are done and light fixtures are mounted.  In addition doors, baseboards and trims are custome fitted.  

The project cost can range anywheher from $5,000 for makeover- to $25,000 or more for complete project dependant on size of the project finishes and materaials used.

Timeframe usually 3 to 7 weeks.

An ideal basement renovation will complement the floor plan and decor of the other areas of your home. And remember, if you're not skilled to do this type of work, then hire an experienced contractor. Substandard work may actually reduce the value of your home!

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